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About Us

About Us


Uniting Student Health, Carruth Center for Psychological and Psychiatric Services and Wellness and Health Promotion to meet all of your health and wellness needs.

Mission Statement

The mission of WELLWVU – The Students’ Center of Health is to foster the complete well being of our students through health care, education, promotion and related services.

Functions of WELLWVU:

  • Provide Services:

    We provide assessment, evaluation and treatment of student’s physical, emotional, social health care needs.

  • Promote Prevention:
    We are dedicated to educating and empowering students to help them realize their full potential. We provide programs and services designed to raise student awareness of healthy lifestyles and behaviors.
  • Provide Advocacy:
    We are committed to assisting and supporting students in all health care issues.
  • Foster Research in Best Practices:
    We support ongoing research efforts into all areas relating to health and wellness. We monitor, promote and incorporate best practices in all we do.

  • WELLWVU brings together physicians, psychologists, social workers, health promotion specialists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists and support staff.