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WELLWVU: The Students’ Center of Health

Welcome to the WELLWVU page for Athletes. In the left hand menu, you will find resources from the WELLWVU Office of Wellness and Health Promotion and the WELLWVU Carruth Center including MindFit, leadWELL, and the list of all services offered by both departments. There is also a link to additional resources from external pages that may be helpful.


What the WELLWVU: The Students’ Center of Health does:

  1. Provide Services: We provide assessment, evaluation and treatment of student’s physical, emotional, social health care needs.
  2. Promote Prevention: We are dedicated to educating and empowering students to their full potential by providing programs and services designed to raise student awareness of healthy lifestyles and behaviors.
  3. Provide Advocacy: We are committed to assisting and supporting students in a broad spectrum of health care issues.
  4. Foster Research in Best Practices: We support ongoing research efforts into all areas relating to Well WVU: The Students’ Center of Health. We monitor, promote and incorporate best practices in all we do.

The core values of WELLWVU: The Students’ Center of Health include:

  • Commitment to excellence and student centeredness
  • Profound respect for students, fellow staff members and the environment
  • Providing compassionate, integrated health care services
  • Passion for health and wellness stemming from the conviction that all staff must lead by example
  • Serving as mentors, advocates and teachers as well as health care services service providers