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Health Promotion

liveWELL Apps

liveWELL Apps

WELLWVU fosters the well-being of students to thrive and succeed academically, personally, and as citizens of their communities. We know there is a direct link between lifestyle behaviors and academic performance, so we aim to provide you with the tools you need to create your own plan for success. Each month, you’ll see a different liveWELL campaign with programs rolled out on campus. We encourage you to take note and get involved. You’ll have fun and earn themed wrist bands for each activity in which you participate!


The WELLgo Calender building blocks to plan
and identify activities that make up a typical day.
Understand how you’re spending most of your
time and whether you’re making the most out of
the time you have, and learn how to set priorities
and explore relationships between specific
behaviors and performance.

The Online chillPack helps you chill and retrain your brain to look for the positive. Do one activity a day and watch your productivity and perspective change for the better.


Tweatwell is a social networking program that
encourages eating at least 5 servings of Freggies
(fruits and vegetables) per day. Earn points for
interacting with the program, and learn key
nutritional information by answering the question
of the week and reading the tip of the day.

Welcome to our Virtual Bar, where all the drinks are on us. You’ll get to explore how drinking affects your body and your health. Note: The following exercise does not take into account individual medical history or other factors that may affect one’s response to alcohol..


1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted during
college. 1 in 6 men will experience sexual assault
in their life. Use the Circle of 6 App to stay close,
stay safe and prevent violence before it happens
by using preprogrammed information to ask
friends for help, and call or send your location
when in need.

sleepWELL programs aim to teach basic sleep hygiene tips in order to improve the quantity and quality of your sleep, while making the connection between sleep, academic performance and quality of life. The PSQI will provide feedback on your current sleep habits.

MyChart button
The HelpWELL App Button

MyWVUChart is a web portal to your personal
health record at WELLWVU Student Health,
WVU Hospital, and WVUH Urgent Care. You can
view lab and X-ray results, request medication refills,
request an appointment, see upcoming appoint-
ment dates, and communicate with your provider
through MyWVUChart. It allows you 24 hour
access to your health information and messages.

The HelpWELL App, a free app for iOS platforms, provides an easy way to track wellness trends and develop healthy self-care. The WELLWVU HelpWELL Program was the driving force to create an app that offers practical methods of self-care activities, wellness tracking, and access to a personalized support system. Mood, anxiety, sleep, and daily activities can be logged and displayed on a graph, accessible within the app in addition to export capabilities.